Why the Title? : “The New Spiritual Bible”

This book is not an interpretation of the Old Testament or of the New Testament. This is not an attempt to redefine
Christianity in any way.
“Bibles” are books that are regarded as “authoritative.” I intend that this book to be seen as a text for those who are
completely ready to be their own authority for living their life in peace and equality.

Book Content:

Chapter 1 chronicles my abduction by a private security detail hired by the college administration of a college where I was on the faculty and had taught Mathematics as well as a non-credit (but controversial) course in Spiritual Values.

Chapter 2 introduces the basic three Universal Laws with supporting examples. Included are exercises designed to aid in creating a fulfilling life.

Chapter 3 analyzes reasons why people are creating negative and detrimental realities for themselves, instead of positive realities. Many examples of individual, national and international events are included in this chapter. Methods for reversing this negativity are also found in this chapter as well as the previous chapter.

Chapter 4 analyzes the interfacing of your reality with that of other people under the banner of Brotherhood and
maximizing your power to act effectively in your reality. The expansive nature of the Soul is also discussed.

Future Volumes Preview: (of The New Spiritual Bible). This chapter includes discussions on Reincarnation, Original Sin, Thought Projection, Spiritual Cooperation, Alternate Realities, the meaning of religion, the individual and his or her relationship to God. Also discussed are applications of the principles of this book to hate-crimes and to worldwide events such as the World Trade Center Massacre and how future terrorism in your own personal life and in our country can be minimised or completely eliminated by proper use of the power of the Spirit.
This chapter also includes discussions on distortions in the Old and New Testament, as well as the symbolism behind
religion. Prophecies are also included. More on these topics will be found in upcoming volumes of The New Spiritual Bible.

Why Ward Churchill is Wrong

Professor Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado wrote an article essentially calling many, if not all those who died in the World Trade Center attacks as, “little Eichmanns” and further implying that the World Trade Center was a legitimate target.

Professor Churchill may believe that he has the right to free speech, but is this responsible speech? Is what Professor Churchchill doing free reign or helping to create a reign of terror?

Ward Churchchill wrote: that the people who died at the world trade were “little Eichmanns”. If Professor Churchchill thesis were to be correct this would also mean that those offering spiritual and peaceable solutions to the world’s problems are also little Eichmanns as well. This is because I was to give a lecture on Spiritual Protection using the principles of the New Spiritual Bible at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

As this book is being written, religious wars rage across our planet, threatening humankind’s very existence. From a
distance, it is hard to imagine how these flames of hatred and violence came to be or how they can be extinguished.
Oracles prophesied religious wars long ago, predicting dire consequences: the end of humankind’s life on Earth. I see
matters quite differently. I see the religious strife as an opportunity for humankind to truly ask itself important spiritual questions such as: What is the true meaning of religion? What is the true meaning of existence itself?

There is an expansion of consciousness in the offing, not experienced since the days of the days of the Renaissance. I see the opportunity appearing as never before for humankind to learn those basic spiritual lessons needed to enter what I have called, The New Age of Enlightenment. The concepts and methods in this book are designed as a catalyst to aid in the expansion of consciousness needed to begin the ascent into The New Age of Enlightenment.
From my earliest memories of this life, I was always asking myself the same important spiritual and philosophical
questions such as: What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? I was never satisfied with the conventional religious or scientific explanations of the day, so I kept searching for answers. I looked for answers in the exterior world. I also sought answers by looking to the world within. I saw the world in strife around me, the hatred, treachery, greed, cruelty, indifference, and selfishness and asked: Why does it have to be? I also saw kindness, consideration, and love and asked: Why isn’t this everywhere? I spent many years searching, experimenting with different modes of behaving and
thinking. I endeavored to make a scientific study about my personal research into our inner and outer universes. I felt
from a young age that I was on a mission to bring this information to the world, to make it available to all who were willing to listen and were ready to relate to the world in new, different and better ways. This is how this book came to be.
What is so different about this book is that it is in contradiction with much of the negative doctrine that other sources tell us that life is about. So much doctrine is out there in the world that keeps telling us just how inferior life is here on Earth as compared to the perfection of the Soul. This same doctrine makes the Soul something abstract and barely a part of our lives and not anything that could bring power or fulfillment to our lives. Moreover, this unchanging doctrine ignores the changing and expansive character of the Soul. I believe that these doctrines do us a disservice. I wanted to write a
book showing how the Spirit (Soul) is wedded to the flesh. I wanted to write a book that can illustrate how the Spirit can bring power and fulfillment into our lives. I wanted to write a book that, if the concepts were followed, could significantly aid in bringing hope, meaning, fulfillment, peace, freedom and equality to all people across the planet beginning with the lives of each reader of this book. I wanted to write a book that, if the concepts were used properly, would revolutionize the quality of life on this planet. I wanted to write a book that is an innovative source for self-improvement.
I believe this is the book that can help bring about the dream of a peaceful fulfilling life for which we all yearn. This may sound like a stretch to some of my readers. However, I have been seeking my entire life to bring such knowledge to the world. I have studied and worked for years. I merely ask that you, the reader, give the ideas and concepts of this book a chance to work and not casually brush them aside.

As opposed to some other books about self-improvement, you will not be told just to think “good thoughts” and
everything will be fine. Nor will you be presented with just theoretical situations only or even just mildly unpleasant
situations as examples of how to use these ideas. This book directly confronts some of our planet’s most intense
problems in violence, terrorism, treachery, greed, cruelty, bigotry and war. Methods are suggested as to how
individuals and nations may be able to defeat these elements in their own lives and in the world at large. In fact, The New Spiritual Bible opens with a true story about my own encounter with institutionalized terrorism, which I was able to overcome. It shows how I dealt with such incidents using the concepts of this book. It is incidents like this one and other adverse and violent events, which have aided me in the development of the concepts revealed in this book.
The purpose of this book is to create a framework through which you can sense the freedom and learn to become the
person you want to be. The purpose of this book is also to help readers to consciously create their private and public
worlds in a more positive manner. The mode chosen is through what I call: Spiritual Activism. This is the understanding of how the Spirit has the power to create the world you want and how you can help others to achieve their own beneficial world.

In this book are ideas, examples, and methods that can be used to improve your own life and the lives of others,
including an important initial first step of attaining greater intimate contact with your Soul. One of the key concepts of  this book shows how a person can better their personal experience by choosing their beliefs and behavior and by
taking conscious control of the process.
It is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to accept the validity of these concepts, and then to practice and
incorporate them into a new lifestyle that will assist you in overcoming adversity and creating positive good in your life and in the lives of your fellow man and woman. There are no claims made by the author and no guarantees are offered either. If a concept or exercise does not fit in with your experience, or your intuition tells you something else, or it just doesn’t seem right for you, then the concept or exercise may not be right for you at this time. At no time should the reader substitute my judgment or opinion for their own or for that of people they rely upon for guidance, advice or counsel.

The book begins with a violent encounter with the campus police of a Central New York college where I was once an
instructor in Mathematics. The next chapters introduce several concepts that, if used properly, can lead to a better
understanding of personal events and realities as well as public or political events. The examples used are often
personal, or they may involve well-known individuals with whom I have personally interacted. Public events include the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, where I had planned to give a lecture on Spiritual Protection on September 11, 2001, but was clairvoyantly warned not to go there at that time, (discussed in Volume Two of this book). Conscious and responsible creation of personal and collective reality in a more positive manner is focused upon throughout the entire book.
Based upon years of study and research, the book includes examples from my own experience, from world history and
from current events. Some of the information also comes from the use of the inner senses in meditative states.

Future books will show exercises on how to more effectively use these inner senses, and will also discuss in more specific terms how we can properly deal with terrorism and war and create peace and true equality on the planet. In future volumes, our purpose on Earth, reincarnation and alternate realities will also be more thoroughly addressed, and exercises using the inner senses will be given so that the individual can more clearly perceive their future as well as past incarnations.
Some of the concepts may appear so innovative and unusual to the reader, that I suggest using them playfully. If you do decide to try some of the exercises, I suggest that you use a playful “wait and see” perspective without a strong attachment to the outcome. If the exercises bring at least a little more understanding, joy or peace to your life, then you have made a good start.
This book begins and concludes with an in-depth analysis of the concept of The Brotherhood of Man and its application to the New Age of Enlightenment. This concept and its application will be explored in even greater detail in later volumes, which will also include inner exercises to facilitate the sensing of this Brotherhood of Man Principle on an emotional level.
This is a book only for those prepared to enter a new world of thinking and perceiving. It is not designed for those with rigid beliefs about their world or themselves or for people who are not completely prepared to completely realign their lives around new concepts. I believe the concepts, if used properly, will literally transform the world that we know into a new world of challenge, creativity, peace and equality.

Names of places, names of people and even genders of some people may have been changed in this book. The
pronoun “he” instead of the phrase, “he or she” is used without any reference to gender. The term, Man is used to
denote all of humankind, including all women and men. This avoids unnecessarily complicating the reading of this
book. As the reader will see, this is one book that does not promote one gender over any other gender. This is one
book dedicated to the promotion of peace, equality and of freedom for all gender identifications and for all people.