Twitter will combat misinformation in war and other global crises

Twitter will combat misinformation in war and other global crises

Misleading information has become rampant on social media platforms, with Twitter not exceptional. However, Twitter has introduced new features to curb misinformation during a global crisis or war. Check out these steps that Twitter has taken to curb misguided tweets.


Twitter users can now challenge misguided tweets right in their comment section. Twitter users can counter anything insightful or false by posting factual information in the comments section. The feature has enabled Twitter users to prevent the spread of false information during global crises or wars. Comments are an added prompt for Twitter users to correct information through replies and retweets. Comment section interaction can help spread an informative tweet through an algorithm. Therefore, it is imperative to be cautious before taking this approach.


Flagging False Tweets

Twitter users can take control of their timelines by warning their followers about users known for posting misleading content. That can be achieved by exposing their names and taking a screenshot of their insightful tweets as evidence. You should also let your followers know why they shouldn’t trust a particular user. Flagging users who post misleading content can help prevent misinformation during a war or a global pandemic. But you must prove the validity of your facts to avoid discrediting others xnxx. After all, no one would be happy when shunned by other users as well. So, you must be careful and factual when deciding to flag someone’s tweet or comment as false or misleading.

Mute or Block Users

Every Twitter user would prefer waiting until the admins take credit for their likes or dislikes. But again, taking time to clean up misleading tweets on your timeline can prevent the spread of misleading information. Muting or blocking users who post misleading content is the first step toward countering hatred during wartime. Comments or tweets of blocked users won’t appear on your timeline, helping filter out any misleading content on your timeline.


Twitter has introduced the Birdwatch initiative, a new feature that gives everyday users and experts the authority to control the content on the platform. Those with access to this feature can use it to prevent the spread of misguided tweets. You may also fact-check with other organizations with accounts on Twitter. All you need to do is to interact with them by retweeting as you block and avoid misguided tweets and comments. That can help keep your timeline free of misleading content.

Mute Specific Keywords

Muting some keywords is another great way to prevent the spread of misleading content on Twitter. Nothing containing these keywords will appear on your notifications or timeline. You can mute usernames or hashtags. But remember that muting the former only prevents your followers from seeing content that mentions those usernames. The feature allows Twitter users to set the duration in which they want to mute a keyword.
Social platforms, including Twitter, are yet to understand the driving force behind the rising spread of falsified content on social networks. But the social networks are equally useful during a crisis or war. Through careful management, Twitter admins and users can help prevent hatred and misinformation on the platform.