Why the Title? : “The New Spiritual Bible”

This book is not an interpretation of the Old Testament or of the New Testament. This is not an attempt to redefine
Christianity in any way.
“Bibles” are books that are regarded as “authoritative.” I intend that this book to be seen as a text for those who are
completely ready to be their own authority for living their life in peace and equality.

Book Content:

Chapter 1 chronicles my abduction by a private security detail hired by the college administration of a college where I was on the faculty and had taught Mathematics as well as a non-credit (but controversial) course in Spiritual Values.

Chapter 2 introduces the basic three Universal Laws with supporting examples. Included are exercises designed to aid in creating a fulfilling life.

Chapter 3 analyzes reasons why people are creating negative and detrimental realities for themselves, instead of positive realities. Many examples of individual, national and international events are included in this chapter. Methods for reversing this negativity are also found in this chapter as well as the previous chapter.

Chapter 4 analyzes the interfacing of your reality with that of other people under the banner of Brotherhood and
maximizing your power to act effectively in your reality. The expansive nature of the Soul is also discussed.

Future Volumes Preview: (of The New Spiritual Bible). This chapter includes discussions on Reincarnation, Original Sin, Thought Projection, Spiritual Cooperation, Alternate Realities, the meaning of religion, the individual and his or her relationship to God. Also discussed are applications of the principles of this book to hate-crimes and to worldwide events such as the World Trade Center Massacre and how future terrorism in your own personal life and in our country can be minimised or completely eliminated by proper use of the power of the Spirit.
This chapter also includes discussions on distortions in the Old and New Testament, as well as the symbolism behind
religion. Prophecies are also included. More on these topics will be found in upcoming volumes of The New Spiritual Bible.